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Training at Active Computer Support

Active Computer Support has Training Programs in all aspects of using and configuring computers available to the public. We have one-on-one training available either in the shop or onsite.

Types of Training

We at Active Computer Support offer in-shop and on-site one-on-one training courses in the any areas ...

  • How to configure and use Tablets/iPads, Phones, Laptops and Computers.

  • How to use specific programs like for example Word, Excel or Acrobat for specific tasks including setting up templates.

  • How to set-up external hardware including web-cams, modems, printers, fax machines, drawing tablets and audio equipments.

  • How to access internet including downloading programs, video and music safely. This includes how to ensure safe and quick access to other computers in your home or work network.

  • How to protect your computer and other equipment from surges and other power or telephone line anomalies. This includes combating brownouts, blackouts and power fluctuations.